Taking The Next Step

So by now hopefully you have read through the complete site and checked out the case studies, if you haven't then we thoroughly recommend you do so before contacting us.

Ok so what's the next step? It would ideally be a 1-2 hour chat about you so that we get an idea about yourself. There will be some personal questions about your financial status, home life, living arrangements and hobbies, we'll explain what happens next and how we go about creating the round for you. One thing we will say is that it doesn't happen over night and depending on if you're employed, unemployed or just been made redundant will all be taken into consideration.

From the first meeting to you cleaning your first customer could be anywhere between 1-3 months mainly because there is a massive list that needs to be completed but don't worry WE do it all for you and help you if there is something we cannot do on your behalf, this is another plus to being part of the window cleaning franchise package. The meeting will generally take place after working hours or at a weekend. We speak to many potential franchisees and it's apparent that some just don't cut it, we have seen two of these so far try to setup on their own and fail which is heartbreaking to see. So with this is mind we don't want to be chatting in a coffee bar or in a pub when we could be out on the glass cleaning! 

Business Plan

Each franchisee has a business plan depending on what their required income is, this business plan is drawn up by Lgb Vision and is never given to the franchisee. Targets and dates can cause unnecessary anxiety and stress and being self employed and being a window cleaner are supposed to be a stress free lifestyle so lets keep it like that, let us take your stress on board and worry for you. The business plan will cover everything a new start up would have to do but will all be worked out for you. Some of the hardest parts of the business plan are branding, social media, advertising and building a website. This has all ready been done, lucky you! We have assessments throughout the year and try to find out what you do and don't like about the the business or round, believe us when we tell you that we know what you wont like cleaning so we wont expect you to clean it. The assessments are just for your benefit you will not be rated, given warnings or anything like that, you're self employed and your own boss!!!

Financing A Window Cleaning Franchise

We will discuss with you the various ways of funding the franchise but please note we cannot loan you the money and that isn't because we don't believe in you it's more because we can't due to money lending laws. We can give you our advice and input where possible but you will essentially need to provide us with the capital which will range from £5000 - £15000 plus your own suitable van. Our first franchisee decided to purchase a new van as he was that confident in the package and with our help along the way he managed to save £3000 on the cost of the van and the interest rate was dropped from 7.9% to 3.8% all because we know how to get a good deal, he even ended up with a better spec'd van as well! You don't need to buy a new van but we do have some requirements, the van ideally should be less than 5 years old and it MUST meet the required payload. Remember without a van you can't clean windows.