Who Is Lgb Vision

Lgb Vision was created in 2001 but under a different name and at the time we all thought the name was very clever but unfortunately it was just too long and caused issues later on with google searches. At the beginning of trading a very small round was purchased to help get us started and from 2001 to 2006 the business was organically grown and no advertising was ever done. The company vehicle was a very old Ford escort estate and the cleaning was carried out using traditional methods which is with ladders and tools.

Damien who is the owner had a serious accident in 2006 which resulted in most of the work being given away or lost as his recovery was several months. Damien decided in April 2007 to go back to the employed rat race and look for a boring, low paid and unfulfilling office job. Several years passed by with the promise of opportunities and career promotions but nothing ever seemed to materialise even though Damien had given 110% to the company.     

A couple of years later he saw his work place being cleaned with the Water Fed Pole system and the results left behind were fantastic. On his lunch break he searched for the company, the system and suppliers and after a bit more research Damien had created an exciting business plan. Within weeks of quitting his job in 2010 it was announced the UK was in recession so Damien decided to have some time out before starting in 2011. This recession only made Damien work harder and longer every day to make his vision come true.

2012 saw the business branded and in 2014 saw his first brand new van purchased, 2015 saw the business franchised and in 2017 we can honestly say we are blessed to have the customers and company we have today.