Water Fed Pole Cleaning

The window cleaning industry has changed massively over the last 5 years and has seen the biggest amount of newcomers ever start up across the UK. This is because of the Water Fed Pole system as potentially you're able to clean almost every type of window on a domestic or commercial property without ever having to climb a ladder. There will always be a need and place for traditional window cleaning however there is enough room for both systems and Lgb Vision decided to use the Water Fed Pole system mainly for the earning potential and the safety aspect. 

There is a lot of information on the internet about pure water and how it is used for window cleaning and to clean a window using only water is pretty straight forward, on this page we hope to explain it from a windows cleaners point of view.

You essentially need pure water, a way of scrubbing and rinsing the glass and that's it. How you get the water to the job, how you pump the water to the window and what tools you use to clean the window are where the options really become a mine field. To produce this pure water we use a high volume static system in our unit which uses reverse osmosis and de-ionisation technology as Bedfordshire has some of the hardest water in the UK. This pure water is then transferred onto the franchisee vans where inside each van is a Grippatank crash tested system with high quality components and tools. We then clean our clients for that day quickly and safely using a van fully equipped for domestic and commercial window cleaning.

Efficient, High Quality And Safe Systems

We ourselves only use Grippatank systems and these are supplied to all new franchise operators too, this is because their main head office is within 10 miles of our base but more importantly they over engineer everything which in turn makes them one of the safest systems in the world. The system will be matched to the payload of your van/required income as there is no point in having an 850 Litre system fitted if you plan to work part time. The system can be installed onsite or at their head office in Cambridgeshire, either way the complete system is included in the investment fee including a waterproof van floor and various storage options.  

The Right Tool For The Job

Ok that title is a bit misleading as what is the "right tool" we have fine tuned our way of working over the last 7 years as the Water Fed Pole industry has seen some massive innovations come to market. Whatever comes to market that maybe of interest is always purchased and trialed by Lgb Vision and then sometimes we make a review to help the industry. We believe we have some of the fastest, safest and secure vans in the world for window cleaning as our vans have electric reels, the lightest poles in the world and left locked whilst working. We do supply a complete kitted out van and system with a selection of tools which contains brushes and poles but some optional extras are well, just that optional.